The Designer Warehouse Sales

Tips for Getting the Best Out of the Sales...

  • Don’t bring the baby. The Sales are not a playground and competing customers can be highly dangerous! Buggies are not allowed as these may get crushed in the rush for the best bargains.
  • Bring a friend. Impartial advice is always useful. A real friend will tell you the truth (we hope)!
  • Don’t wear layers of clothing. Your coats and bags will be whipped away from you - with a smile - and even your sweaters. This means they won’t go astray in the changing rooms and if chilly, you can wear the stock. Don’t be outraged!
  • Come prepared to spend several hours. You’ll be bowled over by the choice and it’s worth spending a long time hunting through the rails for bargain classics. Patience is a virtue to be rewarded.
  • Repeats are far and few between so don’t hold back expecting to find the same items at the next Sale. Buy now or forever hold your piece...
  • Wear suitable lingerie! It’s best to wear the bra you would wear under the type of clothing you intend to purchase. And you will be stripping to your underwear in a room of other women (or men at the Menswear Sales - guys can forget the advice about bras!) so grungy greys are unacceptable.
  • Credit cards will cost you more than cash or debit cards, so bring the latter two to save even more dosh.
  • More stock is added each day so consider visiting the Sales on more than one day for additional bargains - and be adventurous! Today’s unknown may be tomorrow’s Vivienne Westwood.
  • Meet Roger, the man behind the Sales whose acerbic wit can cut to the quick or have you doubled over laughing. Be prepared!


The very best sale of the lot

- The Independent

The Sale of the Century

- Girl About Town

You’ll save yourself a small fortune and be in for a treat

- Daily Express

There are more than 100 labels to choose from, all with about two-thirds off

- The Sunday Times Style

Give into temptation It‘s hard finding quality like this at prices so low

- Where London

Designer bargains at 50 & 80% off the
original price tag

- Daily Telegraph

Come prepared to battle and lose your inhibitions

- Time Out

One of the best-kept secrets in the fashion world

- Time Out Student Guide

Style devotees can buy the current season of menswear at bargain prices

- Evening Standard